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Baldfaced Hornet Alpharetta
Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald Faced Hornet Nest Removals are an everyday problem here around Dawsonville, Georgia. If we compare the nuisance calls to European Hornet Nest Removal it is 20:1, Bald-faced Hornets.  Bald-faced Hornets are some of the most aggressive stinging insects that we remove.  Unlike the Bee or Yellowjacket stings, these wallop a heck of a punch.

Bald-faced hornets nests are mummy-looking hives that are hanging from structures like eaves, doorways & trees.  They usually have guards watching for potential threats.  As soon as you approach or break the flight path — an alarm is sounded!  Beware!

European Hornet Alpharetta
European Hornet

Just as seen in this picture European Hornets & Bald-faced Hornets will take refuge in just about any crack or crevice.  We come out in protective clothing and remove the entire hive when possible, INCLUDING the Queen.  We NEVER use and toxic chemicals or pesticides!!!  With our Chemical-Free Hive removal method it is impossible for the colony to return since we take the hive and Queen with us.


yellowjacket ground nest removal
Ground nest of Yellowjackets in Roswell Georgia

In Dawsonville, Yellowjackets nests are most commonly found underground.  Sometimes we stumble upon Aerial Yellowjacket hives under eaves, decks, and doorways.  We can even locate the hive is you are unsure where it is located.  We would never ask you to track it down and risk getting stung.  Let us take the liberty & since we are in protective clothing we do not risk getting stung repeatedly.

Yellowjackets get alarmed from simple vibrations of someone simply walking by or mowing the lawn near the hive.  The attack begins!  Let our team of Yellowjacket Specialists completely remove the hive for you.

We often given prices over the phone for the nest removal.  When dealing with underground nests and no one knows exactly how large the hive actually is –  we have to deal with price ranges instead.


bee hive alpharetta
Bee Swarm in Cumming Georgia

If you have a Honey Bee hive and it is not in a place where you feel comfortable with it… we can help.  It is our goal to keep all Honey Bees alive & remove the hive to where it can be relocated.  Honey Bees are pollinators and it is absolutely necessary for everyone to do everything in their power to keep them around.

Bee hives can be hanging in a structure or commonly found in between the walls of a home.  Sadly, oftentimes we find that a colony has been mistakenly sprayed with toxic pesticides by the homeowner or a Pest Control company and a large part of the colony has been damaged or destroyed.  This is disheartening to us.  Our lead technician on our Bee/Hornet team is a hobbyist Beekeeper.  We still try to recover as much of the colony as possible to relocate them to a safe place.  Our Bee Removal team will assist the colony with supplementing a food source as they are getting re-established in their new safe area.

Even if the hive is completely killed off with toxic chemicals there is still a lot of cleanup that has to be done by our Bee removal team.  The honeycomb, pupa, larva and honey has to come out!  It will attract all kinds of unwanted opportunistic feeders on the sugars & proteins. (rats, roaches, ants & more).

We pride ourselves on having some of the absolute lowest prices in our industry on what is called Honeybee Cut-Outs.  We base our prices on effort & time required and not some hypothetical industry minimum.

What to expect when you hire Professionals to remove the Hives (Nests):

  1. We will completely remove the hive without the use of any Chemicals or Poisons.
  2. We will spend up to an hour removing the hive.
  3. If we have time left we will look around to see if there are any other nests that you are not aware of.
  4. You do not have to be home for us to remove the nest. The office can take credit card payments over the phone or if we quoted the exact price you can leave a check.
  5. The Technician advises that after the hive is gone there will be some hunters that are hanging out where the hive used to be.  They will stick around for a couple of days dumbfounded and lost.  After several days they will give up and go away.
Hornet Inspection Alpharetta
Alpharetta Bald Faced Hornet Nest
Typical Bald Faced Hornet Nest
Alpharetta Yellow Jacket Hive
This is what a hive looks like inside the wall.

We provide services to all of the Dawsonville market.  By no means are we limited to this area.

If you have Dawsonville Bee Hives or Hornet Nests… Call us we can help!

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